Speaking Engagements & Workshops

Both Martin Helldorfer and Terri Moss are available for speaking and workshops. Each offers a unique perspective, talent and set of qualifications. This section details their current portfolio of workshops and presentations.  For a video clip of one of Martin's talks, click here.

For details or to book an engagement for Martin Helldorfer or Terri Moss, please contact Moss Communications.

Terri Moss conducts half-day customized workshops to hospital managers and staff on a variety of topics covered by Healing with Heart, including:

  • Patient Safety

  • Employee Safety

  • Team building

  • Communications

  • Bringing a Caring Attitude into Our Work

  • Caring for the Caregiver

Her workshops use hands-on activities involving Healing with Heart books and Wisdom Cards to not only make the subject come alive but demonstrate how Healing with Heart can be incorporated into every day use to transform culture.

Terri is also a licensed facilitator for Creative Health Care Management's Reigniting the Spirit of Caring Workshops and partners with Creative Health Care Management to deliver these three-day workshops. Creative Health Care Management uses the methodology of Relationship-Based Care (RBC). In July 2009, they conducted their first Relationship-Based Care Symposium.

To read an overview of the Symposium and learn more about RBC, read the article that Terri wrote, Hope as a Practical Instrument of Change: Exploring this Unexpected Outcome of the Relationship-Based Care Symposium.

Martin Helldorfer is an engaging speaker who has received rave reviews for his talks. Throughout his career, he has been sought after to speak to health care executives, at hospital board retreats, leadership groups, professional associations and large health system gatherings. While Martin will customize his talk to the needs of the group, Martin’s background makes him uniquely qualified to speak on the following topics:

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Presentation and Workshop Themes

Healthy Ways to Work in Health Care Workshops

Living a balanced life in a not-so-balanced world is a challenge all of us face. This is particularly so for those in the helping professions where work is seldom finished and demands on one’s time is never ending. Using his nearly thirty year experience, first as a practicing psychologist and then as a hospital executive, Dr. Helldorfer reflects on the personal challenges healthcare workers face, whether they are highly trained doctoral level practitioners, clinical technicians, or support personnel.

A. When Martin’s engagement is weeklong, as when scheduled for a ninety minute presentation each day, the broad themes developed are:

  • The myths and truths associated with living a “balanced life”

  • Practically speaking, what is a “balanced” life?

  • The usual distortions, often praised, that hinder living a “balanced life” (work fixation, work addiction, work exhaustion, and overwork)

  • The challenge of being faithful to one’s never-ending calling (jobs, careers, professions, and a person’s life work)

  • Doing something to help ourselves to help ourselves (practical, doable, effective possibilities)

B. When Dr. Helldorfer is contracted to speak for shortened periods of time (as one speaker among many during a convention, conference, or healthcare assembly) he tailors his presentation to the theme of the conference and the stated needs of the conference’s organizers.

References documenting Dr. Helldorfer’s effectiveness are available upon request.

Understanding and Appreciating the Ethical and Religious Directives (ERDs)

A two-hour interactive presentation designed to help employees and physicians from diverse faith traditions and cultural backgrounds understand and appreciate the unique perspectives of Catholic healthcare.

This presentation is sometimes scheduled as a one-time event to key personnel. More frequently Dr Helldorfer is contracted to work on an ongoing basis (weekly, biweekly) within Departments or Service Lines where the faith tradition of a hospital or system is a source of misunderstanding, concern or conflict.

The focus of this educational experience accents the shared experience and spirituality of participants rather than an explanation of contemporary ethics and/or theologies.

Martin Helldorfer has a fifteen year history as a system executive and most recently a eight year employment history as Senior Vice President of Mission within a healthcare system whose Joint Operating Agreement linked Catholic and Nonsectarian hospitals. Martin’s task included the responsibility to safeguard and further the organizational identities of each entity.

Letters of recommendations by CEOs/Administrators are available upon request.

Using “Thoughts From Mission

A short “Thought From Mission” sent weekly to every employee is one effective tool to help build a desired culture within an organization. The Thought is neither a newsletter nor source of information. Rather, it is a document written to awaken the stirrings of the heart that first motivated individuals to choose healthcare as a profession.

The “thought behind the Thought” is the recognition that every human experience holds meaning if we slow enough to glimpse its significance. Often enough, we need a reminder to recognize the value of our work, whatever our particular job may be. The Thought is that reminder.

This one day workshop is designed to help mission leaders, communication teams and human resource professionals a) to understand the unique structure of a “Thought From Mission,” b) how to choose effective themes, c) what to include, or not include, and c) the discipline involved to write them effectively.

At the end of the workshop, each participant will have written two “Thoughts.” In addition they will recognize the need, as leaders, to live a reflective life in the midst of a demanding, and often frenetic, workplace.

View a collection of these Thoughts in Healing With Heart: Inspirations for Health Care Professionals, Moss Communications, winner of the American Journal of Nursing, 2008 Book of the Year Award in the leadership and management category.

Speaking EngagementsRecent Speaking Engagements for Martin Heldorfer

  • John Muir Medical Center, Walnut Creek, CA
    Healthy Ways to Work in Health Care all day workshop for nurses, mission staff and leadership.

  • Wheaton Franciscan Health Care, Wheaton IL
    Discovering practical and creative ways to engage and energize one another(physicians, employees, contractors and ourselves) for the purpose of providing exceptional patient care.

  • Sangre de Cristo Center, Santa Fe, NM
    "Tools for Maintaining a Balance"

  • University of Colorado
    "Healthy Ways to Work in Health Care" Workshops (with Barbara Hughes) [open to all] (Finance and IT Professionals, Statisticians, Office Personnel, Administrative Assistants, Unit Clerks, and all those who work in cubicles and back offices).  Download Flyer.

  • University of Colorado
    "Healthy Ways to Work in Health Care" Workshops (with Barbara Hughes) [open to all] (Physicians, Registered nurses, nurse practitioners, certified nurse midwives, Chaplains, physician assistants).  Download Flyer.
  • Colorado Springs, CO
    "Grand Rounds: Ethics Consultation" Porter Medical Center [closed]

Click here for more information on the seminars mentioned above.
Click here for an outline on MINISTRY (work) and the WAY WE LIVE (spirituality).

  • Salina, KS
    Martin Helldorfer was the keynote speaker at an annual regional event that honors the work and life of Fr. Steve Letourneau. The event took place in Salina, Kansas on April 3, 2009 and was sponsored by the Salina Regional Health Center. Martin's talk was very well received. The following clip is taken mid way through the earlier part of his talk on Living a Balanced Life in a Not-so-Balanced World:

This text will be replaced

Here are a few comments we received from attendees:


This was an excellent program-very thought provoking but with good humor.

I wish I had heard this years ago to achieve balance in my professional life and my parish life.

Very well presented-thought provoking and challenging. I'm going to reflect, schedule and set boundaries to simplify my life, increase energy, and follow my calling! 

Please have Martin back!

This was so very helpful to me on my spiritual journey-more to think about.  Thank you for your words of wisdom; very down to earth presentation. Martin was humorous and connected to the audience in a warm way. Thank You!

The best one yet!!

Speaker-excellent-mix of research based information and concrete examples putting information in a form that I can understand.

Martin is a very insightful and intuitive man. I thoroughly enjoyed his presentation.

  • Martin Helldorfer was a keynote speaker at this year's Healthcare Human Resources Management Association of California held in Sacramento, California on July 21 - 23.  HHRMAC is affiliated with the American Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration and the California Hospital Association.

  • Martin Helldorfer spoke on July 22, 2008 at John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek, CA. Martin's topic was: Leading with Mind and Heart: Living a Balanced Life in a not-so-balanced World. His focus was on why we work the way we do, the life beneath the one we are living, the rewards of distorted work behaviors and how reflection can improve our interactions with colleagues, staff and managers, and foster self understanding.

  • On April 10, 2008, Martin Helldorfer was interviewed on Colorado Matters, a program produced by Colorado Public Radio, KCFR FM. Listen to this brief interview where Martin discusses how he prepares his weekly Thoughts from Mission (the origins of Healing with Heart), and the issues of nurse recruitment, retention, burnout and the importance of being a healing presence.

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